Good evening to you all.

Well it's December and as usual I invite you all to join us once again for our International Marconi Day event 2019. Next year as many of you will already know the event will be held on April 27th. As always we shall be updating the website to show the latest list of participants.

PLEASE NOTE only official stations operating from Marconi related sites need to register. See our website for details.

As i'm sure many of you will be aware Network Radio is proving to be quite popular with many radio amateurs and shortwave listeners. With this in mind we have created a network radio channel on Zello called 'GB4IMD' the idea is for any stations to call in and stay connected in the hope we might be able to speak to various groups to arrange skeds etc or just to make contact and speak in person on the day or over the coming months. I appreciate this is not amateur radio in the sense we know it but we thought it might aid us during the event. If you use it please feel free to look us up and add yourself to the group, We shall monitor it as much as I can and it would be great to speak to a few of you.

For those of you who have already registered there is no need to do anything else as I shall be answering your emails etc over the coming weeks.