The Kerry Amateur Radio Group will participate as an Award Station in this year's International Marconi Day event on Saturday 22nd April 2017.

The station will be set up at Colaiste Bhreanainn on the site of the former Marconi Station at Ballybunion, Co. Kerry.

Operation by club members for the full duration of the event from 0000 UTC to 2359 UTC on 22nd April is planned. Two HF SSB stations are planned for this year on the site as well as a HF data station.

The special event callsign EI6YXQ will be used to commemorate the original callsign of YXQ used by the Marconi Station in Ballybunion which made world history by achieving the first East to West transatlantic voice radio transmission in March 1919 to the Marconi Station located at Louisberg, Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland. The number 6 is used in the callsign as a tribute to the late John O’Carroll EI6AH who organised the event for many years over two decades ago welcoming many amateur radio operators through the doors and always making sure that everyone had a cup of tea and plenty to eat. The welcome extended by John and his family was legendary, embodying the spirit of amateur radio and friendship.

A page for EI6YXQ has been set up in addition to having a special QSL card printed for the event. The QSL card can be seen on the page. We intend to upload the log of contacts to the page also and access permitting we will endeavor to post updates from the station over the course of the event.

The Kerry Amateur Radio Group are looking forward to working as many stations as possible as well as having an enjoyable weekend at the station on this historic site.

More information regarding the Kerry Amateur Radio Group can be found on the club webpage at and the groups page using their callsign EI1K.