KARG will activate Cromwell Point Lighthouse (IE0001) at Valentia, Co Kerry once again over the weekend of August 18th and 19th.
Worked All Ireland Square = V47
Maidenhead Square = IO41uw
It s planned to put on two stations over the full duration of the ILLW 2018 event, covering both phone, data and CW.

Operations will begin on Friday when set up will begin, until Sunday evening when stations will be disassembled.

We already have a number of members participating, but visitors are very welcome to come along join in the fun also.

We plan to have one station on public display per usual, so that the hobby can be promoted amongst the international visitors to the lighthouse over the weekend.

KARG had a fantastic time at this event last year, and as usual, good facilities are available at the lighthouse.

So get involved and come along, if only for a few hours at any time over the weekend....